Moisture can cause a disastrous amount of damage to your home when left unchecked.

This multi phase development by property developer Berkeley Homes is located in one of London’s most popular locations in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. It will comprise four neighbourhoods of mixed use blocks, to be integrated into a single community. When complete the development will provide 136 acres of open space and around 1,000 new homes built over 5 years.

The construction phase began in November 2009 and is ongoing. Temporary construction services provider EMS won a contract to supply temporary electrical, heating, plumbing and security solutions across the site.

Working in cold conditions is a possibility not a problem

Significant parts of the programme were scheduled for execution during the colder months of the year and the building contractor wanted to ensure that site operatives and plant could function at optimal levels. The value of building materials and plant, including machinery left on site overnight posed potential security problems.

By their early involvement on the project the experienced and professional design team at EMS supplied a tailored pipework system that incorporated trace heating to deliver a frost-free environment for the site’s plumbing.
EMS also installed temporary managed clean water for the site and staff welfare. The plumbing solution EMS provided included a combination of decanting waste water to an existing drainage network and pumping into designated disposal units.
The design team at EMS utilised their expert interpretation of site logistics to place strategic covert and discreet CCTV monitoring and alarm systems around the site to deter theft.

A little preparation goes a long way

The installation of trace heating solutions by EMS enabled the contractor to carry out the programme more efficiently during winter months with no disruption to their schedule. Additionally the strict security system 0n site eliminated downtime lost through replacing missing plant and materials. This project ran to programme with manageable costs realised from implementing the expert scalable solutions EMS provided.