We provide site power, lighting, utilities, security, and communications services for all types of commercial, infrastructure, and public sector construction projects. The site security division of EMS (UK) Limited delivers comprehensive and integrated CCTV, access control, guarding, and remote security solutions for your construction site.

“With increases in theft from construction sites and the escalating cost of construction equipment, insurance companies are hiking premiums for all-around cover to levels that many companies are finding unaffordable.”
Mitchell Cook, Director, EMS UK Limited

Counter-theft Solutions – Don’t Be a Statistic

Our counter-theft solutions enable you to benefit from major reductions in the amount of crime committed. We have an experienced design team that is expert in security solution design, including cable routing for all types of temporary installations.

We can run the cables for your security system alongside laying cables for the services of the temporary site. This enables the temporary solution to be delivered via a single installation, providing maximum security from the start of your project. You can scale your security services throughout the project as your risks change.

Security Solutions for Temporary Construction Sites

We can deliver site guard and site entry point protection as part of your full site security that protects your employees, site, and boundary from day one. Our integrated health and safety measures ensure that your staff doesn’t endanger themselves and others through neglect.

The solution we design for you can include a full video surveillance solution, incorporating 24 hours of continuous filming of the site to deter intruders; overt and discrete monitoring of site personnel and ‘in-hours’ visitors; a central monitoring point for quickly reviewing data capture; and continuous monitoring of local access roads and routes to the site.

Comprehensive, Integrated, and Flexible Site Security

Basic solutions include intruder alarms in and around your site; scaffold and equipment alarms; door entry systems; and access control with inbuilt tamper-proof mechanisms. We can also arrange for the fast relay of suspected intruder activity to law enforcement centres for larger sites harbouring more expensive equipment.

Our solution packages may be upgraded or downgraded during the contract as your project changes over time. This means you are only paying for the level of security cover that you need, saving costs and resources.

CCTV Solutions for Temporary Construction Sites

By choosing a CCTV security solution, you may be able to avoid the cost and burden of rotating on-site security guards, thereby delivering project-on-project savings and lower insurance premiums.

You can benefit from fully motorised and static camera systems that can be installed at a given point with recording equipment and monitors. We also include the option of remote monitoring, which utilises Internet connections.