Construction waste from the materials that go into a typical project can be as high as 15% and may contain hazardous materials. EMS (UK) Limited supplies temporary services that include insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing, mechanical plant and all peripherals necessary during the construction phase of building projects and which can lead to waste containing hazardous materials. However, from installation through to the strip-out phase at the end of your project we remain fully committed to the efficient recycling or appropriate disposal of all toxic and hazardous site waste.

We are committed to reducing environmental impact through adopting the best environmental management practices.

Recycling and disposal of waste

Continued improvement within our environmental team

All of our workers who are performing building or construction waste clearance are required by law to be working for a Construction Industry Scheme registered business.

We employ specialist equipment and personnel trained in hazardous waste handling. An example of dealing with such waste arose during the construction phase of a multi-story commercial block in London. Site staff discovered that a number of fluorescent lamps that provided lighting for groundworks had failed earlier that day. Without light, the groundworks team would be unable to complete the concreting process. However, for the schedule to be met, the work had to be completed.

As soon as the contractor notified us, we immediately arranged for the removal and safe disposal of the failed items and replaced them free of charge. The failed lamps, which contain highly toxic mercury, were destroyed within a sealed chamber in our crusher. This chamber isolated and contained the toxic fumes before filtering the debris to be collected in a sealed drum for sending to a recycling plant.
All our recycled and landfilled site waste is recorded by our trained personnel and a copy of the operations is left with you for your records. All documents are also available in our office for inspection upon request.

Note that we are only responsible for the safe removal of the components we supply and install on your site.

Competence in Environmental Awareness and Practice Really Matters to Us

As part of our continued commitment to sustainability, we are accredited with BS EN ISO 14001:2004: Environmental Management Systems. This includes our policy sets out the objectives, legal and other requirements, and other requirements to which our business subscribes. In keeping with the ethos of this accreditation we aim to:

Comply with environmental legislation

Take responsibility for solving the company’s environmental challenges

Use products that minimize environmental impact and waste

Conserve natural resources through the minimization of waste and reclaim re-usable materials

Manage resources to save energy and water

Promote reuse and recycling of materials where possible

Integrate, where possible, environmental criteria when purchasing goods and services

Review our environmental performance and that of our products and services regularly

Train and make our staff aware of environmental issues.