We provide site power, lighting, utilities, security, and communications services for all types of commercial, infrastructure, and public sector construction projects. The electrical division of EMS (UK) Limited provides all power and lighting requirements from the initial cabin connection to full site supply and lighting during the construction phase of your project. Our electrical solutions and practices comply with all current legislation and health and safety regulations.

“LED Temporary lighting provided by EMS on 20 Fenchurch Street Walkie Talkie Tower was the first project to have a complete install of LED Lighting throughout the project in the UK.”
Gary Goodchild, Director, EMS UK Limited

Project Management & Installation Services

A power outage will have a significant impact on your project, which is worsened on larger sites with multiple construction packages operating simultaneously. The key to stopping this issue is understanding your project’s needs and operating as your partner, providing advanced planning and preparation, and implementing our proven project management practices.

We have found that our involvement at the earliest stages of the project means we can provide insights that can ‘plan out’ site challenges, reducing or eliminating downtime. Our strong focus on collaboration enables us to help our clients reduce costs and exceed service level expectations.

Team Planning

Our experienced in-house planed team works with you to deliver electrical schemes that meet your site’s individual requirements. We have a strong track record of designing and developing electrical solutions that can overcome even the most complex and demanding challenges.

We specify and use only the highest quality cabling and components, and coupled with a proactive maintenance program, your workplace will have continuous power and lighting throughout the duration of the project.

HV & LV Services

Our turnkey electrical solutions enable you to benefit from the supply package that meets the needs of your project. This could range from a basic 110v supply package to a megavolt substation power with minimum delay.

As your requirements change during the life of your project, our flexible approach to providing your temporary power supply means you benefit from scalable solutions and tariffs that can be downgraded or upgraded to suit consumption cycles and site activity.

Power & Lighting – Equipment

We have over £5 million of electrical equipment such as transformers, generators, central distribution units, and cables in stock, which means we can mobilize very quickly to provide your site solution with minimal lead times. Every item is returned to base, serviced, and bench-tested between each project – we don’t simply shift the kit directly from project to project. That means when our equipment arrives on site, it works the first time and stays working.

All of our equipment conforms to the latest standards and requirements. If you require any specialized equipment, we have the capabilities in-house to design and manufacture a bespoke solution.

24-Hour Maintenance & Emergency Services

As we operate a 24-hour, 365-day emergency call-out service, your project is also protected against incidents such as power surges and other circuit problems. Our solutions minimize loss of data, for example, by backing up computers and data entry operations.

We also continuously monitor and maintain our electrical solutions while they are in use, providing you with the most efficient, tailored package for your needs. Wherever possible, our maintenance cabinets and points are located away from main site operations so our activities do not get in the way of yours.

If you experience electrical issues, you can contact our out-of-hours emergency service, which provides a remote advisory or call-out engineer round the clock, 365 days a year.