What if, beneath the apparent gender diversity, the playground reveals that urban space is far from egalitarian?

As part of ongoing regeneration in East Manchester, main contractor BAM undertook a £88 million, three phase infrastructure development for a new build stadium and sports training centre for Manchester City Football club on their existing Clayton site. Construction of the new 7,000-capacity stadium, 17 training pitches and accommodation facilities began in November 2012 and were completed in June 2014. Phases 2 and 3, which include expansion to the existing Etihad stadium, new facilities and landscaping to the general area are expected to conclude in 2018.


An industrial site challenge

The Phase 1 development footprint was an 80 acre Brownfield site previously occupied by a dyestuffs company, which had contaminated the soil and rendered it unsuitable for construction. Main contractor BAM, a leader in sustainable construction was keen to commission the services of professional and experienced teams who could develop the site for the intended building use by regenerating a usable mass that would also promote long term sustainability.

On site team solutions install far reaching benefits

By providing a professional and tailored temporary site service EMS (UK) LTD helped achieve gold standard for the contractor on carbon, waste and water management.
Construction materials were sourced from preferred north west construction suppliers.

The future is greener than the new football pitches

Not only did the reclaimed land allow construction on the site to progress, the soil was fertilised after treatment, and more than 6,000 English and European trees planted to enhance aesthetics and a promote a natural environment. The density of the new planting contributes to greenhouse gas emission reduction.

The regeneration that EMS (UK) LTD design teams helped co-ordinate achieved a 62% local labour use rate, important for the main contractor’s performance target.
Within one month of the completion of the new stadium and training centre Manchester City were able to bring their first team onsite to use the state of the art facilities.