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We provide site power, lighting, utilities, security and communications services for all types of commercial, infrastructure and public sector construction projects. The mechanical services division of EMS (UK) Limited delivers comprehensive and integrated heating and ventilation systems, site waste services, sanitary and non-sanitary water supply, dewatering services and sustainable solutions for your construction site.
“Successful construction projects are underpinned by reliable mechanical services operating 24/7. EMS (UK) Limited’s mechanical services division can keep your site running even under the most demanding conditions.”
Kevin Cook, Managing Director, EMS UK Limited

Providing Chlorination Services

Providing Chlorination Services

Site mechanical services design

Our mechanical services team has a strong track record in designing and developing mechanical solutions that overcome the most complex and demanding challenges presented by your site’s requirements. We have a professional in-house design team of engineers with a thorough knowledge of the hazards you are likely to face on site and who are experienced at delivering effective solutions. In addition, all our operatives hold the Water Hygiene Blue Card. As your requirements may change during the life of your project, you can downgrade or upgrade your mechanical services package to suit your needs, delivering cost and efficiency savings.

Heating, ventilation and air handling systems

The performance of your site operatives and equipment won’t be optimised if they are operating in extreme conditions. To maximise the efficiency of work on your construction site, we design and install temporary heating, cooling and refrigeration tailored to your operating environment.

Sustainable water and waste water solutions

In addition to sanitary and drinking water, we can install grey water systems that recycle waste water. This approach is more cost effective over the long term, compared to fresh supply, and is kinder to the environment. This includes supplying a storage plant for grey water on your site. Our specialist teams carry out water chlorination to safely eliminate pathogens found in stored water with the minimum disruption to your project.

Site waste handling systems

This includes large capacity bins and sanitary supplies that we replace at regular intervals.

We provide and install the plant required for lowering or diverting the water table in order to provide a dry, stable base level during ground excavations.

Modern and maintained equipment

We specify and use only the highest quality mechanical components that conform to the latest standards. Coupled with a proactive maintenance programme, your workplace will have uninterrupted mechanical services throughout the duration of the project. Our equipment can cope with pipework from a small 5mm to a large 150mm internal bore. We work within local water authority specifications and can carry out pipe swabbing and de-chlorination where required. If you require any specialised equipment, we have the capabilities to design and manufacture a bespoke solution.

Project management and installation services

Mechanical breakdowns will significantly impact on your project. We prevent this by understanding your project’s needs and providing advanced planning and preparation. By operating as your partner we implement our proven project management practices and find that our early involvement means we can provide insights that ‘design out’ site challenges, thereby reducing or eliminating downtime. Through our collaborative approach our clients reduce their costs and exceed service level expectations.

24-hour maintenance, back up and emergency services

We proactively monitor and maintain your bespoke installations while they are in use, providing you with the most efficient package for your needs. We operate a 24-hour, 365 days a year call-out or remote advisory service, meaning your project is protected during emergencies. In the rare case of finding faulty equipment, we provide immediate replacements to minimise disruption to your project.

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